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Auckland’s Finest Home Renovations

Transform your home with Auckland’s leading home renovation company. For more than 16 years’, Craft Construction Group has been an industry leader in transforming thousands of homes into stunning sanctuaries.

If your current location is in the perfect location matched with a great neighbourhood, close to work and or school and you want to avoid spending money selling and re-locating to a new address – then renovating is definitley the answer for you.

Our clients tell us that renovating with Craft Construction Group gave their family the space they needed. They often need someone to manage the renovation from start to finish and a designer who understands their vision to bring their dream home to life and make it their reality. 

Needless to say, our clients couldn’t be happier with their renovations.

Our Process

We love making renovations simple, so we have created an easy process which means every goal and vision you have is achieved.

Your journey begins with a consultation with Director, Ben Holdich to establish your requirements and get to know each other 

Have plans already? Great! We will ask for a copy to study before we meet.

We’ll arrange an on-site meeting with you to walk through your chosen areas and provide solutions where you are looking to renovate. 

Architect? Engineer? Trades?

Now that we have an understanding of your project, we will establish a project plan to determine the services you require to achieve the best results. We only associate with reputable quality, all of our services are licensed and qualified! 

If you have approved plan, we get started on the construction phase. 

You’ll meet Rhiannon (Owner and Interior Designer) where she will be part of your trade meetings, quoting process for fittings, designs, etc. and execute your quality finishes. 

Ben will work on the technical aspects of your renovation quote and develop your project management schedule.

If you don’t have plans in place, we will begin your Architect plan process. We will assist you in selecting a qualified, certified, and experienced Architect who also aligns with your values and design ideas. 

This is crucial for the success of the project because the plans we design together will be the plans we construct your renovation with. So you want to ensure that they will design with you in mind. Once you have made your selection,  your Architect will begin your renovation design concepts.

Ben will assist you with technical advice, budget management and communications through this process and your architect will create your concept drawings and 3D models for your renovation.

Once your Architect has developed your design and it is approved on your end, it will then be sent to the council for approval. 

Once we have all the estimates and quotes ready, we will arrange to deliver you the comprehensive estimate and explain any sections necessary for your final tick of approval. 

If you want to make changes, add or reduce the scope, this is the time to do it. 

Here we will provide you with a comprehensive building contract and the details of your insurance to sign and return. You will receive your renovation building schedule and your start date! 


Meet the Hepworth Family

Hear about why Craft Construction Group was their first choice when renovating their family home.

The family of five were looking for a builder who could turn their much loved family home into a space that could accommodate their growing family.

They wanted space to have their own retreats whilst also bringing everyone together for family time.

"We couldn't believe how Craft transformed our home into a space that our family could live and grow in. It exceeded our expectations, it is truly our dream home now!"

Meet the Mouritz Family

Hear about why Craft Construction Group was their first choice when building their beautiful new home.

The family of five were looking for a builder who could make their dream home a reality, that were easy to deal with and didn't rush them through the process and deliver on time and on budget.

"The quality of the build, commitment to communication and the workmanship from the trades working on our home were second to none. What an amazing experience, and what a wonderful new home we have!"

Craft Construction Group is the home for Residential and Commercial Craft Companies, specialising in Residential Renovations, Villa Restorations and New Builds in Auckland New Zealand. 

We bring together the very best, hand-selected professional builders, trades, architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, building inspectors and interior designers to create your dream property under one exceptional group. 

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