design and build

If you have an architectand or construction drawings and a specification document, we have a process for just building and project management work for new build and renovations


1. First Contact
The process to design and build is made simple with Craft Construction Group. We’ll respond to your first contact about building services in Auckland within a day. We like to have an informal chat to find out if we can provide the services you require. From there we’ll book a no-obligation meeting 70k and under project  (usually at your place) or take payment to secure you project over 70k and book you in at a time convenient to you.

2. Meet Ben

Your first meeting will be with Ben Holdich, Craft Construction Groups Founder, Director, and Project Manager. Ben will journey with you through the complete design and build process and will discuss your dreams, vision, ideas, timescales, and budget. He’ll also listen to your concerns as well as any challenges that exist, and he will answer all your questions. We’ll also use our experience and problem-solving skills to develop a solution that meets your requirements.


3. Architectural Drawings and Consented Plans

At the design and build meeting with Ben, we’ll also get your plans as well as contact details for your architect. This is to help us provide you with an accurate quote. It’s important we are involved in this stage of the process as our experience will ensure the scope of works fits into your budget.


4. Full Build Estimate & Quote Process

We’ll use the drawings we get from your architect to provide you with an initial cost estimate for the project. If they are not the consented plans, we will give you two quotes. The first is an estimate based on the working drawings. The second is a final quote based on the consented plans. It’s important to understand any estimate we send you is not the final price. The estimation gives you an idea of costs before you get building consents. It’s best for the success of your project to progress in this order – concept drawings to estimate to working drawings to building consents to final price. With this order, if the budget doesn’t cover the scope of the project according to the estimate, we can make adjustments before proceeding further.


5. Contract

Once you are happy with the final quote, we will prepare a tailored certified builder’s contract specific for your project. The contract will include working drawings and specifications, a project schedule with a start and end date, details of your 10-year Halo Guarantee, our own Craft Construction Guarantee, and the necessary account accesses for our suppliers.


6. Project Management

Our Project Managets have a minimum of 20years Building experience and are LBP Builders. Once we establish a starting date, we will create your building schedule. We’ll also activate your buildertrend account and provide you with training. Buildertrend lets you follow the project, budget, and trades. Ben will be your project manager and will organise your scope of works from start to finish; we will take care of everything. A foreman will control day to day operations on-site from arranging equipment to ensuring craftsmen are where they need to be, when they need to be. We control all services that are part of the project too, plus we ensure good health and safety practice to minimise risk.


7. Quality Control

We have a 287-point checklist to ensure the quality of our work is to the highest standard achievable. During renovation or new build projects in Auckland, we go through the checklist daily. As part of this process, the foreman or project manager checks off each point. Ben Holdich manages quality and will not settle for less than perfect so you are in great hands!


8. Complimentary Services

Ben Holdich and wife Rhiannon provide access to free consultations with our trusted interior designer, paint consultant, and kitchen/bathroom designer.  The advice you receive will help to transform your vision into reality. Plus, at the end of the renovation or new build process, we will arrange a complimentary commercial house clean and you’ll find your favourite flowers, wine, and chocolates awaiting your arrival.


9. Site Meetings

At Craft Construction, we believe good communication is crucial to a successful build. Ben Holdich – project manager and Bruce –  foreman will meet with you on a weekly basis to answer any questions, update you on the schedule, and deliver important site notes / comments.


10. Handover

At the end of the project, Ben will meet with you to discuss any specifics you need to know. This includes guarantees and warranties as well as any extra details you will require. You will also be given your file which will include all the information you need such as CCC, certification documents, and valuable reference photos for plumbing, drainage, electrical, etc.

The Craft difference starts with our ability to tailor the building journey to your individual needs. We create custom home designs with the bets quality inclusions without compromising on quality, drawing on our industry relationships with have developed over the years with local suppliers & trades.

Craft Construction Group is the home for Residential and Commercial Craft Companies, specialising in Residential Renovations, Villa Restorations and New Builds in Auckland New Zealand. 

We bring together the very best, hand-selected professional builders, trades, architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, building inspectors and interior designers to create your dream property under one exceptional group. 

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